5 Things I Want to Help My Audience With

10 Best Tips to Increase Peace and Joy (Easy and Fast)

This is my peahen, Pip, being an amazing mother to her baby Squeak.

I want to help my audience find peace and joy in this chaotic world through biblical truth. I want to portray and share how amazing creation is. I want to write to help people understand that the bible is relevant and relatable. I want my faith and connection to Christ to be a river that flows through me to bring blessing others.


Provide positive encouragement that helps others grow in knowledge and wisdom. 

I want to help my readers to find the peace and joy that comes when your life is aligned with biblical truth. I want to encourage others to grow deep roots in their faith and to help them grow in confidence with understanding scripture.

  Portray the greatness of creation
I love being outside immersed in what God has created. I find so much joy and connection in nature. From the change of seasons to the various animals around my farm I am awe struck at the complexity and beauty of creation. I want to challenge my readers to see the beauty in their surroundings that point them to God.

Connect biblical truth to life
It’s true that the bible is old. It was written along time ago. However, it’s a book that is interactive within your life when you read it. It brings encouragement at the right time, direction when needed, and comfort in times of trouble. I want to help my readers experience the touch of grace we receive when our hearts are connected to His.

 Share life, love God, and love people
When it comes down to it I am a teacher at heart. I want my readers to take away positive encouragement that will help them grow the fruit of the spirit in their lives. Any fruit starts out as a small seed but given the right environment and conditions it can produce for years to come.