5 Best Chicken Supplies For Poultry Care 

Chicken supplies

You have the chickens….you have the chicken coop….but what do you need beyond that? What would make raising chickens easier?

We have you covered with these 5 great ideas to help you simplify chores and make caring for your backyard chickens easier!

From feeders and waterers to roost bars and nesting boxes, we have everything you need to ensure your chickens are healthy, happy, and spoiled.

We’ve put together a list of the 5 of the best supplies that will make taking care of your flock easier and more efficient

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What Are The Best Chicken Supplies?

The best chicken supplies are tools and equipment that help you care for your birds and keep them healthy.

It’s possible that you have raised these birds from chicks so keeping your flock happy is a must! Having the best supplies benefits you by ensuring that they have a long and happy life and give you lots of eggs!

These recommendations also benefit you by simplifying chores and reducing the need to be constantly worried about them.

Lets get cracking! On to the good stuff!

Automatic chicken coop door

Most coops have a wood access door to the run area. Replacing your coop door with an Automatic chicken coop door is a great way to save time and effort. It will open each morning and close each evening, giving your flock a safe place to sleep at night.

It also helps benefit you by simplifying chores! No more dreading the walk to the coop morning and night to let the flock out. No more stress or worry if you opened or closed the run door!


  • Easy to install
  • Activated by light and darkness
  • Battery powered
  • Usable by all ages and breeds

Chicken feeder

Feeders are a personal preference. Any great chicken owner wants to feed their chickens well. Providing enough food for your chickens is important so that they stay healthy and happy.

This chicken feeder is an old farm style but very functional and practical. Most local feed stores sell this style of feeders. It is made from galvanized metal and is designed to hold lots of food at a time, so you never have to worry about your flock going hungry.


  • Easy to hang
  • Holds large amounts of feed
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick to refill

Chicken waterer

A chicken waterer is an important element for the health and well-being of your chickens. The best type of water container is a large size or an automatic flow. This automatic easy clean water bowl is perfect for large flocks providing fresh water constantly.

The great thing about this product is that it is made of durable and shatterproof material, so you can be that it will last. Keeping the bowl elevated and off the ground helps keep the fresh water free of bedding and chicken droppings.


  • Refills automaticlly
  • Heated option for cold weather
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick to refill

Dust Bath

As a chicken owner raising chickens it’s inevitable that at one point you’ll have to deal with pests in the coop. I try to be as proactive as possible. One of the best tips is to provide a dust bathe area for your chickens to keep their feathers clean. Diatomaceous earth is a great way to help your chickens do just that. If you have a local feed store you could probably find it there! I just put some in an old tire in the corner of the coop!

white chicken on brown dried grass


  • Entertains chickens
  • Reduces pests
  • Set it and forget it
  • Quick to refill

Nest Boxes

Your hens need a place to lay their eggs! Trust me, or they will try to hide them if they are free range!

Having several nest boxes helps give your hens a designated space for them to lay eggs as well as a space to collect the eggs everyday. I like this style! It allows the eggs to roll down to stay safe and protected if you have an egg eater.

You can put bedding down or get nesting pads to put inside the nest boxes to make them more inviting.


  • Find eggs easily
  • Keeps eggs clean
  • Protects eggs
  • Easy to install

What Are the best chicken supplies?

The best supplies are the tools and equipment to help make your chores easier! These recommendations are ones that I have found useful in raising my own flock of different breeds. I hope these are useful for you and that it helps you to enjoy your flock and keeps them happy, healthy, and spoiled!

Wrap up

When it comes to raising chickens, having the right supplies is essential for keeping your flock healthy and happy. From chicken feeders and waterers to dust baths and nest boxes, there are many necessary items that you should consider investing in.

Whether you’re looking for a large automatic water bowl or an old farm style chicken feeder, we have compiled a list of the best chicken supplies available so you can provide your feathered friends with everything they need!

happy chicken

Are you ready to elevate your chicken-raising game? Don’t settle for subpar supplies – give your feathered friends the best! Our recommended list of chicken supplies includes durable and shatterproof automatic water bowls, dust baths with natural diatomaceous earth, and nest boxes designed for easy egg collection.

And the best part? These tools make chicken care a breeze, so you’ll have more time to enjoy your healthy, happy, and spoiled flock. Upgrade your chicken game today and shop our top-rated chicken supplies!