A Ragged and Weary Chicken…Do you feel this way too?

This is Mama. 

She is one of my best hens! She always hatches the best chicks on her own. She’s kept predators at bay and always protects her little ones. You are probably wondering what in the world is wrong with her. Why does she look so ragged, weary, and awfully tired? (And a bit upset that there is yet another mess to clean up in front of her…wait, that might just be my mom brain seeping in!) 

Mama is in molt. This is when she sheds or casts off her old feathers and grows new ones. As you can see it’s not a very pretty process but it is important for her growth and maturity. 

Just like mama, we all go through situations or seasons that drag us down, use up all of our energy, and make us feel downright exhausted. 

Trust me, I’ve been there. 

Long nights with babies or sick kids,

Early morning hours with anxious thoughts bombarding your brain,

 Wondering what news you’ll get at the next doctor appointment 

Trying to look like “You have it all together” but underneath and inside it’s a mess 

Just like Mama, we all have seasons and trials to walk through. That is when we need to take the time to grow and mature in our relationship with God. The difficult circumstances in life and the times of waiting often refine and prepare us for the future responsibilities God has in store for us. 

Mama’s feathers remind me of the tough seasons. It starts with letting go of the old. (The coop always looks like the chickens had a pillow fight with feathers flying and falling everywhere when they molt!) When we let go of what’s not serving us, and simply replace it with prayer and wait on God, we start to grow and mature. This is when God does the growing.  Just like Mama, She first had to let go of her old feathers that were not serving her anymore.  She knows better than anyone else how uncomfortable this process will be but she perseveres because there are newer more comfortable ones coming soon enough!

I hope you have found this post about Mama to be informative and encouraging! Change is a tough process to go through but it can be worth the struggle when we start seeing our lives change for the better once again. When things are difficult in our life or there are struggles that seem impossible to overcome, remember these three words – patience, trust, and perseverance. You will get through anything with those qualities and Jesus at your side guiding you along the way. Don’t forget to subscribe for more farm connections that I love to share to speak life into your week!  

All my love,