Angora Sale Policies

Eden, an English angora rabbit

Sales Policies

Any rabbit sold for any reason is guaranteed to be healthy, sound and well groomed to the best of my abilities at the time it leaves my possession.

Although I do the best I can to ensure the satisfaction of my buyers and positive transition to the animals new home, sometimes things happen in transport or upon arriving at the new home that are beyond my control.

Due to these things, I do not offer any kind of warranty. Purchase at your own risk. I am happy to provide references of past buyers if you wish.

I do offer lifetime support in the form of verbal or e-mail advice and assistance for all my buyers to the best of my ability for any problems or questions that may arise.

Any rabbit sold is local pick up only in central MInnesota. Details will be worked out per individual situation.

All rabbits will be sold with a pedigree.

I do not guarantee the success of show quality animals.

I will not, under any circumstance sell a rabbit to a youth under the age of 17 without direct parental permission.

No holds without deposit, amount determined per situation. Deposits are NON refundable.

Buy-back policy. Any pedigreed rabbit I sell automatically falls under this requirement.

If you the buyer, at any time decide to sell, give away or re-home a rabbit purchased from me, you agree to first offer myself the opportunity to purchase back the animal.

Breeder buy-back is a respectful and necessary way to work together to ensure the continuation of top quality bloodlines.

**By purchasing an animal from me, you automatically agree to these requirements.**

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