How Could Graceful Days Farm Encourage Me?

Hi! I am so glad you are here!

How would you respond if someone asked you to define grace?

This is my favorite definition:

Grace : undeserved, unearned, and unmerited love and favor of God.

The story of Graceful Days Farm starts a few years back. Looking back at the move we made I’m sure all of my family members thought we were insane! We moved into our new little homestead with 14 chicks, a mini horse and a lot to learn.

Oh, did I mention we had ZERO farming experience?

What does this have to do with finding grace you might ask? My answer is pretty much everything. The move to the farm has strengthened my faith in unimaginable ways. I have learned homesteading skills along with connecting real life situations to biblical truth. I am reminded each day of God grace when I am tending to the garden, feeding the animals, and making meals.

I want Graceful Days Farm to be a source of connection, positive encouragement and Christian lifestyle living for my readers. It’s my mission to help my readers grow the fruit of the spirit in their hearts and minds.

Come and join along in the journey of christian living, studying the word, and finding grace in each day.