My Top 5 Christian Blogs that you need to follow


My Top 5 Christian Blogs
that you need to follow

Becky Meyerson

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I first met Becky at the workshop that she was leading called Big Block Letters. This course helped me refine my personal mission to impact the world around me. Becky is very wise in biblical truth and talented in the courses and content she creates. She is a wonderful cheerleader to have in your corner and offers one on one coaching in addition to her studies. No matter where you are at in life Becky does an amazing job to meet you right there. Her bubbly and authentic personality warms the soul as she builds you up with positive encouragement! I highly recommend popping over to her page by clicking HERE and taking a look at all the amazing content she has to offer!

Timber Creek Farm

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This blog first caught my eye on Instagram. This blog’s focus is specifically farm related and has great content to help care for and raise animals. Janet focuses on raising sheep and goats naturally to produce her free range yarn products. I enjoy her Instagram posts of her animals, her farm wisdom and the scripture she occasionally shares too. Being a homesteader you gain appreciation for the animals you are responsible for and Timer creek farm excels at keeping God’s handiwork as pure and natural as possible. If you’d love to know more about raising animals or just love yarn check out Timber Creek Farm.

Equipping Godly Women

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Equipping Godly women is a great place to find “How to” articles. These are very helpful in the times of busy mom life. I find that I can get stuck in the mom rut of making sure everyone else has what they need and forget that I need to be refreshed at times too. Some of the articles hit home like How to Make Time for God (Even When You Barely Have Time to Pee) I have been there and done that. However, it is really important to make sure you take the time to connect to biblical truth to continue to keep that rooted in your heart throughout the day. Bethany Ann, the author of this blog, is dedicated to helping women be ‘all in’ with their faith and family. If you find yourself struggling to find time to study the word I highly recommend that you dive in to Equipping Godly women to gain some useful wisdom.

The Prairie Homestead

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I fell in love with this blog after I made homemade noodles with this homemade pasta recipe! It sounds silly but there is just something about amazing food that satisfies the soul. Jill helps ambitious people find that soul filling peace no matter where they live. Her experience as a homesteader as well as being an amazing cook helps others create a more satisfying life though modern homesteading. I believe we can all benefit from slowing down, eating a homemade delicious meal, and reconnect to more simplistic way of life. The Prairie Homestead is a wonderful place for amazing recipes, some great how to articles, and a way to reconnect to a healthier more wholesome lifestyle.

Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study

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Proverbs 31 is a well known resource for women! I really love the content they are creating and sharing with their online bible study work. They have a variety of books on different topics throughout the year. The last one that I was apart of was called Get Out of your head By: Jennie Allen It was a simple and helpful study that didn’t take very long. You receive emails and can join the online community to work though the study guides. It is a great resource to help christian women say connected together. Check out their other studies and see if one peaks your interest.


As you can see from these great bloggers, there is a wealth of information out there for you to gain. These are just a few of the wonderful ladies I follow to help encourage me. Between cooking a meal for my family, figuring out my mission and purpose, as well as learning new biblical truths and how to raise farm animals there is something to gain from it all. You can also read an article on Graceful days – What are they and Why is Grace Important or about The Beatitude : Blessed are the poor in spirit

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