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Word of the Week

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Graceful Days Farm sends a weekly encouraging message called Word of the Week. 

It is a sneak peek into definitions, importance, and connections to biblical truth. This  is a fun way to engage with others as well as  God’s truth.

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About Word of the Week:

Every week we choose a new word that is found in scripture. Sometimes these words are inspired by tasks around the farm or from early morning study time. Often, it’s the simple tasks that speak God’s unspoken Truth. We have found that taking the time to look up definitions, study word origins and meanings help us live out our faith with intention.

Here at Graceful Days Farm, we are constantly reminded of God’s grace as we work with the animals and the land. It is our hope that the word of the week will encourage you in your daily walk with Christ.

The word of the week has created opportunities for us to reflect on how our life connects back to our relationship with Jesus. We believe that it is important to be intentional about bringing these biblical truths into daily life.

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Truth is an action word in scripture. It can be applied throughout your day – when you wake up, before bed, when you eat, when you work – whenever!

It is important to remember that truth is living. It’s not just something we know or believe. We must apply biblical truths to our everyday lives in order to grow in our relationship with Jesus. 

The word of the week will help you take your faith to new heights. Every week, we’ll explore a biblical term in detail, as well as its meaning and how to meditate on it with thought-provoking questions to consider with your mind, body, and spirit.

John 14:6

Our why behind each message:

We want to encourage you to journal your answers, write out verses that come to mind, doodle Scripture images on the sides of your paper. There is even a printable scripture card you can use! Don’t stop with just one time of reading through these words. Allow them to speak life into you again and again.

Our vision for this is to be a place where you can experience a relationship with Jesus through biblical scripture and to live a simple life that glorifies God.

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