How to Develop Powerful Prayers

A Daily Habit of Cleaning Up Your Prayer Life

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Life gets busy . . .

Are you in the season of life where you have mountains of laundry, dishes constantly needing to be washed, and a to-do list that has no end in sight? For example, do you feel overwhelmed, burdened, and drained? First, take a moment to take a deep breath.

Now consider what it would be like to have more peace, joy and grace in your day-to-day. With this in mind, a simple solution to finding that peace, joy and grace is actually PRAYER

Do you desire to pray but don’t know where to begin?

As a matter of fact, prayer is meant to be a habit in our daily lives.  Admittedly, remembering to pray can be challenging when our daily schedules weigh us down. 

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Prayer connects heaven and earth!

At first prayer can feel like another task on the to do list. Initially, challenges arise when we feel overwhelmed or think we are too busy for prayer, but it is the most powerful tool that we have at our disposal! 

This simple idea of “cleaning up my prayer life” has helped me to stay organized in my prayers and in my daily routine of tidying around the house. It’s a win win!!

When Challenges Arise

I hear it often – the reasons behind being too busy to pray, the overwhelm of the daily schedule, the lack of focus, and not knowing where to start. 

Admittedly, I have felt all of this myself. 

However, prayer is not an easy habit to cultivate, but when you understand how it can change your everyday life for the better – it becomes EASY and SIMPLE!

With this in mind, at its foundation prayer is simply communicating with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 

Therefore, prayer opens up the path to connect us with God so He can work in us and through us to do His will. Ultimately, it brings us closer to God because we allow him to enter into every area of our life.

A very well known verse from Philippians tells us a little about prayer.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6

Be anxious for nothing - Philippians 4:6-7

Turning Worries into Prayers:

For instance, in the book Anxious for Nothing, by Max Lucado, he writes ” Paul’s prescription for anxiety begins with a call to “rejoice in the lord”. (Philippians 4:4) It’s a call, not a feeling. It is a decision and a deeply rooted confidence that God exists, that He is in control, and the He is good.”

Paul tells us to be anxious for nothing. However, that is definitely easier said then done but that is where we need to start.

Be anxious for nothing.

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I highly recommend this great book by Max Lucado!
wire basket for holding anxiety
My visual reminder to let go of anxious thoughts

At first, it’s hard to imagine being anxious for nothing. I struggle with a bit of anxiety so I have a few visual reminders to help.

One of these visual reminders is a simple old wire basket. It’s an old egg collecting basket I found at a neat little thrift shop. It sits on top of a hutch with nothing in it. There is nothing in it mostly because it has huge gaps and isn’t real useful at holding things.

I see it everyday as I study and write. It reminds me that I shouldn’t hold that tight anxious feeling in my heart or mind. The wide spaces and slots remind me that I need to release the small worries of life and let God fill with my heart and mind with His goodness and love.

Making The Daily Connections:

This is where the fun begins!

As a result, the concept of “cleaning up my prayer life” has been on my heart for some time.

Every day I struggled with knowing when, how, and what to pray for. Prayer is a powerful tool and it begins with simply taking time to talk with God but as a busy wife, mom, and business owner it was challenging to find that focused time.

So I began brainstorming how I could make prayer less daunting and more like a part of my daily routine. Prayer does not have to be for “big things” or when we are in a state of panic or distress. As a matter of fact, Paul says in Philippians 4:6 to bring prayer into every situation. In other words, prayer brings us closer to God because we allow Him to enter into every area of our life.

With this in mind, I decided to “assign” specific prayers to the daily chores around the house. Check out the example ——–> 

PDF printable example

The simple connections

Quote from author

It quickly became clear that assigning a prayer topic to a chore helped me be more intentional and focused – both with cleaning and praying. 

Because of this small shift in thought, I had an increased sense of purpose in completing the task rather than just grumbling about having to do it again.

This simple technique helps us to stay connected to the source of peace.

Most importantly, it allows us to see and experience the many blessings God has for us every single day – from big milestones to small moments. 

Overall, the most progress can be made when we pay attention and make a connection between what seems mundane or unimportant now but will become valuable later on down the road!

To summarize, sometimes it’s the simple connections that lead to the most progress. 

That’s not all

Guess what! Even after all that, God’s not done! He hears your prayers, listens, and responds in His way.

Paul even goes on to tell us that “The peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.”

The peace that we experience when we come to God in prayer is something so incredible and freeing. 

In short, It’s a tool that helps us to relax and realize that even with all the unanswered questions of life, there is One constant who never changes – God!

As a result, this tool brings a new perspective about what really matters and takes our burdens off of us so we can truly live happily. 

Given these points, prayer should be as easy as chatting with your best friend.

In conclusion

Prayer is simple – talking with God like a friend and thanking Him for His goodness and love toward us. Learn why prayer matters.

As a result, I realized that “cleaning up my prayer life” was a simple way to connect God’s power and presence to my daily routine.

Overall, this is the most powerful tool that we possess and it begins with simply taking time to talk with God with an added bonus of tidying the house!

As a gift to you, here is a downloadable printable that you can and hang on your wall or bathroom mirror for reference in creating your own “cleaning up my prayer life” routine.


As a final point, I hope prayer becomes less daunting to you. I guarantee that the small time investment is worth it, not only in our prayer life but also in our daily routine. 

With this in mind, Let us begin to use the simple powerful tool of prayer to bring God’s power into our everyday life!

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